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How Can You Help ?
How You Can Help

(i) Pray regularly for the children and the workers.

(ii) Support a child in either the Boys Hostel or the Girls Home.
- Gifts can be from as little as /$ 7 per month for part sponsorship which can provide for a child's medication, schooling or food etc.

( For /$ 50 per month a child can be completely supported - this includes food, medication, board, schooling or training and other incidental expenses.)

(iii) Fund Raising or One-Off Donations
- These donations can be used for a specific need or project. Recent donations made have been able to provide for children to have operations, glasses and to provide training for the older children.

(iv) Tell others about the work the Bethesda Foundation is doing in Romania.

The Bethesda Foundation will not change the world.
It may not change Romania.
But it is changing Galati!

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